• Özeliş Plastic

Production Capacity And Power

Özeliş Plastic of the biggest reason for becoming a global brand is due to the production capacity and strength.

In order to react quickly to the variable structure in demand in the world market, Özeliş Plastic especially has optimized its production systems. Thanks to mold technology and machinery equipment infrastructure, ÖZELİŞ PLASTIC can perform higher volume production in less time compared to other institutions in the sector.

Özeliş Plastic as the date of 2014, annual production capacity of PPR, PVC and metalworking plants can be summarized as below;

  • - 72.000 tons of PP material
  • - 24.000 tons of brass metal material
  • - 48.000 tons of PVC material

Özeliş Plastic also attaches great importance to the issue of finding the best raw materials for high product quality. Therefore, metal and plastic raw material research is carried out regularly in the world.